Aus Unclaimed Money

Aus Unclaimed Money works hard at assisting individuals attain their lost funds though detailed procedures and secured transactions. We work hard to ensure your funds are delivered back to you safely and securely by utilising our connections within government departments, We believe in your right to know when funds are owing to you and your right to claim your money in a concise and streamlined way.


Have you ever opened a bank account and forgotten to close an old one? Have you ever moved house and forgotten about your security deposit? Maybe you’ve invested in shares and simply forgotten to claim your dividends… These things can be very easy to forget, and it happens all the time. When this money is left un-collected, businesses are required by law to turn these funds over to the government to be held in trust until the money is claimed.

Unclaimed Money Recovery Business


Just like you would hire a lawyer to represent you, you hire a unclaimed money recovery agent to re-attain your lost funds. We get in touch with the relevant parties currently in control of your money. We work hard to ensure it is returned to you quickly and without dilemmas. This can be quite a tricky process without already having long term contacts in the right places. We’ve been in the finance industry for 3 years; we know it’s easier to get it done right the first time.

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